Reliable Upgrades

You will find satisfied customers of RENTECH Boiler Services across the U.S. and in several other countries. RENTECH is a full-service boiler company that specializes in engineered repairs, rebuilds and retrofits of boilers using headered membrane waterwall design that eliminates refractory walls and seals. We strictly abide by NBIC and ASME standards.

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Maximum Efficiency

RENTECH can optimize your system on its original footprint and improve performance. Boilers that are redesigned, reengineered and rebuilt by RENTECH provide faster start-up and cool-down and a cooler furnace environment, and they minimize unscheduled outages and improve combustion control with the best warranties in the industry

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Integrated Solutions

RENTECH engineers understand all process conditions, and we offer fully integrated solutions that comply with all performance criteria. Our engineering knowledge, advanced technology, and commitment to customer service combine to produce value for each customer in a variety of industries, including petrochemical, manufacturing, and power generation.

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Services We Offer

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Customer Testimonials:

“I was very impressed with the level of service and quality of work that Rentech Boiler Services was able to provide. I awarded a fast-track job to Rentech for fabrication of a boiler tube bundle on a critical piece of equipment. Rentech was able to deliver a great quality product to the refinery on schedule.”

Joseph Morgan
Valero Project Engineer,
St. Charles Refinery

In The News:

Petrochemical company Huntsman partnered with RENTECH to reengineer and reconstruct HRSGs in two cogen units. The upgrades increased efficiency, lowered emissions, and were completed within budget and within projected downtime.

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